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Who are we

We are KLS Tax & Accounting Specialist and have been established since 1991 although our senior team has a combined industry experience that spans over 45 years.

How? By being diligent, and proactive with our clients through our industry based knowledge and experience. Building up our portfolio of loyal and satisfied clients.

KLS Tax & Accounting have been providing accountancy and specialised tax advice services across the UK and abroad for a whole range of companies, from start-ups to medium and large enterprises at consultancy levels. We remain  committed to helping your business in sustainable growth and development regardless of the challenges your business may face. We accomplish this through our Tax Services, Accounting and Consulting Services with our industry qualified team. Being based in London we remain active in our community and being fully up to date with HMRC legislation and industry standards. At KLS Tax & Accounting our focus is always your business and what will benefit you both now and in the future.

Through the services we provide, we work with clients to help them stand out from the competition . Our number one responsibility  is to ensure compliance is at the forefront of whatever we do. Through our small dedicated team we are able to understand your business needs, giving you a personalise service and advice and to help you drive toward your companies financial goals.

By using available technology, we are able to provide advanced services i.e. work with you and you IT or accountancy system of choice.  

This allows us to offer premium tax , accounting and consulting services at a competitive cost to all our clients.

As part of our value system we maintain a professionalism at all times as we work toward building a long-term relationship with you.

What we Value


A successful team is only possible when that team works together. 

So to deliver the best results instead of dictating.

We work to involve our clients, to help them, and to help you, understand the advice we give and its long-term benefits to the health of your business. 

stewardship & financial safeguarding

Our priority is the safeguard of your business and finances

We empower our clients to be successful in business, by providing structured services that then allow you to focus on growth and sustainability.

Our Values, define how KLS Tax & Accounting operates within our community and industry.

Most importantly it guides how we best serve our clients. And our values have been critical to our success.

We understand the pressure that comes with running or owning a business, so our advisers are available via email, telephone, mobile, or face to face over a coffee. 

Integrity & our clients

Our team shows their integrity by working hard even when no one is watching. 

This proactive approach has allowed KLS Tax & Accounting to maintain a strong link with our clients, who are fully confident that their needs are central to our services.

Our Promise

Client Focus

To focus on each clients objectives and translate these into financial milestone

Honesty in Engagement

Deliver honest and exceptional client engagement and service

Client Success

Be the financial corner stone to the success of our clients

Our leaders

Baffour Twene kumi

Director, Founder

Baffour Twene Kumi, is a veteran in tax and accounting and the is founder of KLS Tax & Accounting. Baffour has a reputation for being involved in philanthropist activities throughout his working career as a financial consultant.

Baffour has over 35 years in Business & Finance Consultancy working uniquely with medium and large organisation (both in the UK and abroad) as well as with many start-ups (again, both in the UK and abroad). And yet still has the same passion that for providing an exemplary level of service that he started with his career with. 

Baffour has built long-lasting relationships with companies and clients that have allowed for KLS Tax & Accounting to continue to flourish for the 28 years it has been established. 

Baffour's favourite quote:

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together”

Misornu's favourite quote:

If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito

Misornu addo

Senior Business Administrator

Misorn Addo is an an invaluable asset  who works tirelessly to support KLS Tax & Accounting clients by creating back office processes and procedures focused on quality and accuracy.   

As well as being resourceful and bilingual Misornu has over 14 years in custom relationship management, making Misornu irreplaceable. And an essential part of KLS Tax & Accounting client management team. 



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