Consulting & Client Support Services

For over 40 years, we have built our success and our portfolio of clients by being diligent, proactive and individual in our approach to each clients’ tax and accounting needs.

Our team are available 24/7 to help you with any accounting or tax needs or even if you have questions about your finances, we are here to help.


Working with you to make your vision come true

Honest & Open

We use an Open Communication Policy with all our clients

Client Support

We understand the pressure that comes with running or owning your own business, and the time-management skills that you will need and develop over time.

That’s why, we are available via email, telephone or face to face (video chat) which ever works best for you.


We empower our clients to be successful in business. By providing structured services that help you focus on growth and sustainability of their business.

While we provide a service to help you make good financial decisions.

What our clients say

I used KLS Tax & Accounting (then Kumi Link Services) as it was a recommended service by a colleague. After talks with KLS Tax & Accounting, I decided to use the services on offer as my mortgage broker. KLS service was excellent and the staff were very knowledgeable and informative, but as importantly were very diligent with providing information and advice on related products. I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking a professional financial service.

LyssiemayAnalystPrivate limited Equities & Derivatives CompanyLondon, United Kingdom

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