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Accounts Preparation

Let one of our qualified KLS Accountants prepare your yearly accounts. Taking care of the accuracy of the data and the compliance of the report for HMRC Year End submissions. 

Freeing your time to focus on other parts of your business.


Unsure whether to get VAT registered? Or are you already VAT registered? Use our team to help give you advice on how to deal with VAT internally such as taking VAT payments or whether you should be VAT registered or not.  

Our qualified KLS Accountant can prepare your VAT Returns throughout the year and ensure that you do not incur any fines related to VAT.

Starting or running a successful business can be stressful. We are here to make it easier for you

Allowing you more time to concentrate on your customers


Bookkeeping, time consuming yet essential. As it is the most basic way to get a reading on the health of your company as it forms the basis for all financial reporting and financial management of any company. Getting this wrong could greatly impact your Profit and Loss  margins, your yearly or month forecasting, even you dividends! 

Let a member of our qualified team take charge and complete this monotonous but essential  work for you. These are the tasks our team are trained to do and love to do. 

Allowing you to make decisions based on accurate data. 

Cash Flow Projections

A critical part of any company’s financial planning is the ability to understand cash flow. Creating a cash flow projection can be daunting as it is an important aspect of making both short-and-long term financial decisions. Our KLS Accounting team are more than qualified to help you by creating these on your behalf and then through our consultancy offer suggestions and support in your planning process.

Company Formation

Are you at the early stage of creating your company? Do you need help with your business plan? 

KLS Tax & Accounting has over 40 years  experience helping new companies in formulating their business plan. 

Contact a member of our team now to see how we can help you. 


As new legislation is brought about and changes to existing occur it may be overwhelming if you are having to keep up to date with the changes and manage your team. 

Use our support team to help you in all events related to employment law. Speak to a member of our team today. 

Or finding creative ways to motive your team. After all, happy teams make a happy profitable business

Why Our Accounting Services

Taking the decision to run a company or become self-employed is a huge responsibility which comes both challenges and rewards. These may come with a series of daily weekly, monthly and yearly tasks just to ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

There are a lot of software solutions available which may seem as though it makes needing an accountant redundant however research studies have shown that the issues faced by new and existing business remain the same, and by sourcing an experience team of accountants can greatly reduce the stress of managing the accounts of your business.

The accountancy services we provide, are aimed at working closely with your business and managing your accountancy needs. Freeing your time to concentrate on what matters to you mostly with regards to the successful running of your business.Review our accountancy services on offer.

Committed to helping your business grow


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