1. How long have you been in business?

KLS Tax & Accounting have was established in 1991, making 2019 our 28th year.

However, our senior team hold experience that combines to over 45 years

2. Who will handle my account?

We believe in building long lasting relationships so you will be assigned an accountant who will be your single point of contact. 

3. How do I get hold of my accountant when they are assigned?

All our advisers are available either by mobile, email or desk phone.

And with suitable notice, can even meet for a coffee if required*.  

4. We have our own team are you able to run our payroll?

Our team is more than equipped to help you set up a payroll and run it.

Contact our team and speak to us about your needs. We are ready to help.

5. I'm a Sole Trader, can you help me with my business?

Our team is trained and since our launch date have helped all types of business including:

1. Private Limited companies (LTD)

2. Public Limited companies (PLC)

3. Sole Traders

4. Partnerships

5. Not for Profit (Charity and Public sector)

Contact our team

*suitable to travel requirements and availability

6. We are thinking about using a computer-based accountancy system could you recommend one?

Although KLS Tax & Accounting does not endorse  any computer-based accountancy software we are happy to run through a few options and help you understand what will benefit your business and your pocket.

7. We are thinking about just using off the shelf accountancy software, why do we need an accountant?

  • Your accountant can make sure the financial reports generated comply with FRS standards (Financial Reporting Standards) and other legal regulations
  • Your accountant can  ensure accuracy in the reports that are generated, avoiding understating or overstating financial statements  
  • Your accountant should make sure that information you have submitted meets HMRC regulations thus avoid incurring fines
  • Your accountant will be able to interpret and analyse the financial reports
  • Your accountant will monitor the quality and consistency of information submitted and reports generated
  • Your accountant will aid you to make important financial decisions based on the health of your business and the vision of the director, you 
  • Your accountant will be able to guide you in understanding financial and even bookkeeping terminology such as liabilities vs assets, Income vs Expenses and so on

8. What qualifications do you have?

Our team is industry qualified and undertake yearly examinations.

MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

ACMA (Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)

CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant)

CIPFA (Affil) – (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy)

Question not listed? Ask our team